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FAQs and Information

  • Where is my order? Please login and go to your orders section. Click on the particular order you are checking and you will see status. If SHIPPED there will be a tracking number.
  • I can't login or reset my password: This is always a cache problem. Clear the browser cache or use a different browser and the issue will disappear.
  • The tracking number does not work? Most orders are shipped ASENDIA, use this link to track:
  • Orders to the USA are shipped Asendia, but can be tracked with USPS who do final delivery:
  • If the tracking number ends in SG it has been shipped by postal service, use this link to track:
  • In all cases final delivery is done by your local postal service, such as Le Poste, USPS, Italy Post, Israel Post, etc etc. You can use your tracking number with your local postal service.
  • Please note, we specify on the webiste that orders can take up to 14 business days for delivery. 
  • Your tracking results will give you the same information as we can get.